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It is very important to Adapt A Vet that you leave with a clear understanding of our mission, the issues that Veterans with challenges and needs face at home, and how we work to ensure that Veterans move towards Experiencing Freedom in their Own Home.

Adapt A Vet serves Veterans with challenges and needs of all conflicts living in the Alamo Region that meet the Adapt A Vet Eligibility Requirements.

This is no fee associated with Adapt A Vet services. However, the Veteran is encouraged to apply for SAH / SHA or HISA Grants that they may qualify for as the initial funding for the adaptation. Adapt A Vet will attempt to secure additional private donations through its donor base to fund the balance of the project.

No repayment is required by the Veteran. Adapt A Vet asks that all Veterans receiving a service through our agency pay it forward and volunteer in their communities.

Click here to see Adapt A Vet eligibility requirements.

Each adaptation is personalized based on the Veteran’s challenges, needs, and abilities, utilizing elements of Universal Design and the services of designers and contractors familiar with local home design and real estate trends.

The length of the adaptation process varies and depends on the type of adaptation approved, as well as variables and environmental issues that surround the adaptation process.

Adapt A Vet will be in communication with all Veterans who submit the application. You will be notified directly via email when your application is received, and an Adapt A Vet staff will follow up with a phone call if you are selected for services within the program.


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    Adapt A Vet may not have all the answers or solutions. However our team will listen and cares about your needs, with the objective of guiding you in the right direction to achieve a solution.”


    Adapt A Vet improves the quality of life of Veterans with disabilities living in Alamo Region by adapting homes to accommodate their challenges and needs, along with their service animals. The organization works with community partners to transform the homes for an average of 12 veterans per year. This process offers so much more than a new home. It frees up time and space for the Veteran and their families to focus on their future.