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If you are a disabled veteran living in the Alamo Region, apply for a home adaptation.


Learn more about our programs, application requirements and more.


There are countless area agencies and organizations that are here to help.

“Adapt A Vet embraces the concept of working
with others to ensure services and benefits are delivered to Veterans and their family’s with the least amount of effort or cost to the Veteran.”

J.J. Guerrero

Veteran Testimony

Veteran and Family Testimonials

“Gratefully, we found you! Although we could have qualified and purchased anywhere; No where would we have been treated so honorably, so fairly, so generously! Mike, your attention to detail was amazing and the bonus of the taxes by you and your sweet wife was so kind. The extra lot rent has actually kept that wolf from the door, which was a grave concern of mine. It was a pleasure to meet your son. It is obvious that you have great care for him and who but Greg could have so deftly dealt with the mountains of paperwork? We can truly say the Clayton’s are home at last!”

Bill and Sharon Clayton

“Bill finds it so easy to drink water – which is now available in the refrigerator door. The Stove is a dream. I had forgotten, frankly how much I loved “self-cleaning” in an oven. what an absolute pleasure. Big gold star for your appliance acumen!!!”

The Clayton’s