What Does Adapt A Vet Do For Eligible Veterans?

Adapt A Vet is a Veteran-focused non-profit organization that collaborates with community construction partners, area Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and other community organizations. The goal is to serve Veterans who meet Adapt A Vet’s eligibility criteria and make critical home adaptations that increase quality of life, independence, safety, and self-sufficiency of the Veteran.

Upon approval of a Veteran’s Application, the search for funding begins.  Once funding is secured, the adaptation is prioritized based on current Adapt A Vet projects.

Each home adaptation is personalized based on the Veteran’s abilities, utilizing elements of Universal Design and the services of designers and contractors familiar with local home design and real estate trends. Adapt A Vet works with community supporters to “blend in” to the neighborhood, which fosters a larger sense of community, and allows the organization to give back to both the Veteran and their family as well as the local community..

Highlights of some of Adapt-A-Vet’s adaptations include:
● Building entry, exit, and emergency exit ramps
● Widening doorways to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices
● Installing hard surface / slip free flooring
● Modifying countertop heights
● Installing pull-down shelving
● Installing roll-in showers, vanity modifications, new plumbing fixtures, safety features
● Installing energy efficient lighting
● Installing lifts or platforms
● Lowering light switches
● Raising electrical outlets
● Installing WIFI smart door bells
● Installing Smart Home devices
● Installing kitchen appliances to personalized heights
● Creating family-friendly spaces
● Adapting HVAC to meet a burn victim’s needs
● Security and safety lighting
● Service animal accommodations

Adaptations allow the Veteran and their family to experience “What Freedom Feels Like In Their Own Home” ©

The Situation

There are Veterans all across the U.S. living in homes that don’t meet their everyday needs.  These Veterans lack a daily quality of life equal to what they were used to before their disability.

We need your help to rehabilitate their home to meet their challenges, needs, and abilities.

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