Mr. Tellez and his wife, Isabel, struggled to make their nonfunctional bathroom work within their lifestyle, challenges, and limitations. With upcoming family plans for the holidays around the corner, and Isabel already having difficulties assisting her husband, she reached out to Adapt A Vet.

While the VA had provided Mr. Tellez and Isabel with grab bars for the bathroom, the family did not possess the tools, experience, or knowledge to safely install them. After completing the home assessment, Adapt A Vet learned the home was not blocked and braced to receive the grab bars, which furthermore would not serve the needs of the Veteran and his family.

The Adapt A Vet Team upgraded to commercial grade grab bars, reinforced the wall, and installed the bars to accommodate the needs of Mr. Tellez.  The outcome of the rehabilitation reduced the stress on Mr. Tellez and his loved ones.

Within an hour of completing the installation, Isabel contacted Adapt A Vet with tears of joy, telling us that Mr. Tellez was able to utilize the bathtub, unassisted for the first time in 4 years.  He had re-gained his independence with a critical activity of daily living.

Mr. Tellez and Isabel’s story reaffirms the need and desire to be self-sufficient, a trait instilled upon Mr. Tellez during his years in military training and service. With Adapt A Vet’s compassionate process and specialized construction, not only he but also his wife, are able to experience freedom in their own home.