5 Minutes for Freedom!

MilTribe, the Military-only online marketplace, is partnering with Adapt A Vet, a registered 501(c)3, in the month of September to help our wounded Veteran heroes realize “freedom in their own homes”.

An estimated 22 Veterans commit suicide daily in the United States. And many more of our wounded Veteran heroes are already facing mental trauma in the form of PTSD. Having to depend on a wheelchair or other mobility devices can hinder their ability to bathe, fit through doorways, prepare meals, or even access their own front door. Adapt A Vet answers the call by delivering a barrier-free living environment through adaptations and modifications. Adapt A Vet’s approach to helping our wounded Veterans through habitat modification is a holistic one, and will even make accommodations where Service Animals are present. Through their compassionate and respectful adaptation process, Adapt A Vet can give these deserving Veteran heroes the chance to live more fruitful lives and focus on their future, with the ultimate goal of reducing this terrible “22 a day” statistic.


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